PM Collective - The ART of property management

Managing Emotions

October 24, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
Managing Emotions
Show Notes

This week's guest on PM Collective is Scott Lister, director of Lister Estate Agents. Scott has been offering top-notch service to Blue Mountain locals since it was established in 2010 under the name Lister & Cole Estate Agents. Because of their unwavering devotion to ethics and professionalism and their unwavering dedication to creating the most satisfying results for all of their clients, Scott's team quickly gained notoriety and trust across the region. Today, he covers the importance of emotional management in the property management sector and how the two go hand in hand.

[00:24] Scott's Background – Scott talks about how he got started in the real estate business, the neighborhood where he does most of his work, and the tenants and community he is a part of.

[04:39] Scott's Work - Scott clarifies whether he is involved in sales or property management, as well as the procedures that are followed in his office.

[06:58] Right Mindset – We discuss the importance of having the right frame of mind when managing properties.

[09:37] Emotions - Emotional management for real estate professionals

[15:51] Culture – While answering what he would do if he had an underperforming staff member, Scott mentions the company culture that is upheld in his workplace.

[18:17] Stress in the Office - We explore how to handle pressure at work and how to spot difficult circumstances.

[23:23] Emotional Tolerance – Scott shares his thoughts on the limits of people's emotional tolerance and ways of getting past them.


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