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Celebrating Success

October 17, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
Celebrating Success
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Scott Lister, Director of Lister Estate Agents, is this week's special guest on the PM Collective program. Since its founding in 2010 as Lister & Cole Estate Agents, Lister has been providing excellent service to residents of the Blue Mountains. The reputation of Scott's team grew to become recognized and trusted throughout the region due to its dedication to ethics and professionalism and a solid commitment to producing the most satisfactory results for all of its clients. Today he discusses the importance of sharing one's triumphs with others, something that many individuals who have achieved great success find challenging to do because of the adverse reactions they may receive.

[00:42] Scott's Journey – Scott begins the talk by sharing his real estate background, including why he got into real estate, his learnings, and the knowledge he gained along the way. 

[10:45] Goals – Scott lays up personal goals he has set for himself.

16:58] Mentor – Scott draws attention to the influence that having mentors or trainers can have on our progress and accomplishments.

[19:58] Look after Yourself – We explore why we must care for ourselves. 

[23:34] The Team - Staff will exceed expectations if you foster a positive work environment and provide ample encouragement. Mentioning this, Scott describes how he collaborates with his colleagues in the workplace.



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