PM Collective - The ART of property management

A Different Way of Doing Routine Inspections

September 26, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
A Different Way of Doing Routine Inspections
Show Notes

Joannne Davies from Finbar to Rent is this week's featured guest on the PM Collective podcast. Joanne commenced her Real Estate career in 2002 and is a Licensed Real Estate & Business Agent, with 19 years’ industry experience. Having been a property manager herself for many years, Joanne is aware of the day to day issues investors can face and her focus and passion has always been on ensuring an exemplary level of service is provided to both owners and tenants. Her motto being “no problems, only solutions”. Throughout her career, Joanne has helped other organisations establish successful property management departments and working previously as a Licensee / head of department, she has working knowledge of all aspects of property management, strata management and off the plan apartment sales. Joanne is excited to now be heading up an exclusive Property Management service for owners of Finbar apartments. Her knowledge coupled with her approachable style and commitment to customer service creates a positive environment for her team to focus on maximising the benefits of your investment property.  

Throughout the episode, Joanne explores a different way of doing routine inspections, which are more than box-checking exercises.  

[01:07] Background – Joanne mentions her background and engagement in the real estate market and the dangers and rewards associated with their business model.

[05:40] Company Strategy - Joanne outlines the origins of their company and describes how they manage properties by detailing their internal procedures. 

[08:23] Routine Inspections – Joanne explains her perspective on routine inspections and how they do them, including the approach they follow and the mechanism by which the frequency is determined. 

[13:25] Tenant's Side – Joanne discusses the Tenant's understanding of the routine inspections being performed. 

[17:05] Cost – When exploring the costs associated with routine inspections, Jo-Anne talks about how these costs are influenced by the frequency and quality of the routine inspections performed.


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