PM Collective - The ART of property management

Is Now the Right Time to Change Our Legislation?

September 12, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
Is Now the Right Time to Change Our Legislation?
Show Notes

Rob Mandanici is our guest for this week's episode of the PM Collective podcast. Rob is a REIWA Councillor, as well as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Director of Paddington Realty, Property Management Specialist, and REIWA Accredited Property Manager. Throughout the conversation, Rob brings up the legislation, namely the planned modifications and the necessity for it to be updated, while covering the legal approach to a variety of other elements of property management.

[01:00] Background – Rob provides a quick overview of his entry into property management, career, and current status. 

[05:29] Nationwide Legislation – Rob explains why there is state-by-state legislation rather than national legislation. 

[07:35] Harmonization - Rob expresses his opinion on whether the incoming legislation in WA, which the state is attempting to harmonize with other states, is in line with his beliefs.  

[11:39] The Rent – Rob discusses the rising cost of the rent. Also, he elaborates on the legal context involving pets in rental properties. 

[17:28] Property Investors – Rob gives his viewpoint on investing in real estate.

[21:56] No Single Occupancy - Rob expresses his opinion on whether state housing should be reviewed and reformed to ensure that no single persons live in state houses that may be used for family housing. 

[24:15] State Housing Problem - Rob gives his opinion on the state housing problem, the property managers' responsibility in regards to it, and what they can do to support the improvements or voice their opinion on it. 

[32:28] Private Landlords - Rob shares his opinions regarding private landlords, rental property, and the circumstances that constitute grounds for eviction. 

[46:07] Changes – Rob discusses the topic of individuals leaving the industry out of concern for legal changes, specifically referencing property managers.

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