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Rebecca Halton - The Awkward Conversation About Payrises

August 03, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
Rebecca Halton - The Awkward Conversation About Payrises
Show Notes

Today's episode of PM Collective features Rebecca Halton, director of LJ Hooker City Residential in Perth. Annually, LJ Hooker sells over 40,000 properties worth approximately A$15 billion. Also, it has one of the largest residential sales teams in the market, with 3,200 sales professionals and over 2,000 support staff. In today's episode, Rebecca addresses a highly touchy subject, namely pay raises, and she goes over almost all of the facts associated with this topic.

[00:37] Background –  Rebecca begins by discussing her history before delving into some of the admirable practices she consistently demonstrates. 

[07:50] Pay Raises – Rebecca elaborates in detail on a wide variety of matters related to the raise in salary.

[17:52] Know Your Value – Rebecca discusses why it is critical for each of us to advocate for ourselves when negotiating raises in compensation. 

[22:31] Proper Approach – When it comes to asking for a raise in salary, Rebecca emphasizes the need for an approach that is both proper and sound. 

[25:22] Factors -  Rebecca explores the variables that should be used to determine an employee's wage. She brings up the idea that employees should be valued for their commitment to the company and their indispensability in the workplace.

[33:45] Conversation – Rebecca encourages listeners to talk with their employer even if they don't feel prepared, but they want to know how a pay raise can occur. 

[38:24] Never Wait – Using her experiences as an example, Rebecca outlines why it is counterproductive to wait for performance assessments or for the employer to increase compensation. 



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