PM Collective - The ART of property management

How to use a Virtual Assistant with Lisa Grey from Affordable Staff

June 06, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
How to use a Virtual Assistant with Lisa Grey from Affordable Staff
Show Notes

Today's edition of PM Collective features Lisa Grey from Business Development and Account Management of Affordable Staff. Throughout the conversation, Lisa addresses several concerns regarding the integration of VAs into the property management and sales sectors in detail with clear explanations. 

[00:30] Lisa's work - While sharing her background, Lisa outlines her work related to offering virtual assistants at Affordable staff. Moreover, she points out why virtual assistants must be regarded as staff employees within the company's culture. 

[06:05] VAs - Lisa discusses the simplicity of integrating virtual assistants into the existing business culture. In addition, she provides an overview of the process of onboarding VAs.

[11:06] Common Tasks – Lisa describes the most general application of a virtual assistant in an office. Also, she discusses the optimal placement of VAs within firms. 

[17:01] New People – We explore the effect of Vas on the influx of new persons wishing to enter the space.

[20:43] Benefits - Lisa demonstrates how companies can benefit from virtual assistants and whether they can utilize them part-time or only full-time.


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Contact Number: +61 0490839000

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