PM Collective - The ART of property management

Rookie Mistakes

April 04, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
Rookie Mistakes
Show Notes

Shannon Welch, Owner, and Director of Property Assist Western Australia, joins us on today's episode of the PM Collective podcast. Shannon assists property managers with property condition reports, routine inspections, final bond inspections, and anything else that can alleviate some of the day-to-day tasks of a property management business. Reflecting on her knowledge and skills gained along the way, Shannon addresses top three mistakes people make in property management and a few faults they do on inspections.

[02:47] Benchmarking – Shannon shares her take on the first mistake rookies make, which is not benchmarking against others but only within their own office. 

[05:19] Words – Shannon discusses a few terms they avoid when completing property condition reports for agencies.

[09:31] Self Educating – Shannon mentions rookies' unwillingness to self-educate as the second rookie mistake. 

[16:22] Solution-Focused – As the third working mistake made by rookies, we explore the need to have a solution-focused approach with both the employer and the clients. 

[23:34] Bonus Tips - Shannon points out several other faults that novices make when performing routine inspections.


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