PM Collective - The ART of property management

Finding Strategy and Support Within Your Business

March 28, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
Finding Strategy and Support Within Your Business
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Finding support, community and mentorship can always result in better strategies and greater outcomes in any profession. That applies to property management as well. In today’s episode of the PM Collective podcast, we invited Katrina Tarrant, the CEO of Harcourts NSW/ACT to talk about how to find strategy and support within your business. Throughout the episode we talk about several aspects of building strategy and community within organizations.

[00:46] Getting to Know Katrina – We start the conversation with a brief look at Katrina's background, how she got into real estate and the path to becoming a CEO.

[04:48] Real Estate Portfolio – Katrina shares her thoughts on what it was like to sell her real estate portfolio and how she packaged it in a specific way instead of selling it as a whole.

[09:005] Operation Strategy – How Katrina’s operations are arranged and the different professional roles in her business structure.

[13:12] Community and Mentors – Katrina shares her thoughts on how property managers could benefit from the support from community, mentors and coaching.

[19:30] Managing Capacity – Things property managers should consider when planning their workload and the capacity to handle properties.

[25:03] transparency – Katrina dives into the value of having transparent conversations inside of a business, starting at the top level with business owners down to the most junior people.


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(Cont.) Finding Strategy and Support Within Your Business