PM Collective - The ART of property management

Creating Trust Between Sales and Property Management

March 21, 2022 Ashleigh Goodchild
PM Collective - The ART of property management
Creating Trust Between Sales and Property Management
Show Notes

In today's episode of the PM Collective podcast Cara De Buelle, Licensee at Professionals Stirling Clark & Co-Founder of Property Performance Stars, joins us to share her experience and expertise on creating trust between sales and property management. Cara began her real estate profession at the age of 19, and she joined the Professionals Team in 2007 as assistant to the Licensee/Director. Throughout the episode, Cara shares her extensive marketing and sales experience in all aspects of real estate transactions, from appraisals to sales to settlement care and customer satisfaction.

[00:28] Background – Cara describes how she got started in real estate and where she is now. 

[03:58] Property Management and Sales – Cara shares how she maintains a good balance between property management and sales and manages the duties of each of her roles. 

[08:24] Merging Departments - Cara outlines the process she used to merge the sales and property management departments and some of the benefits she realized.

[12:23] Managing teams - Discussing the composition of her teams and how they hold meetings with them, Cara explains how she manages her teams.

[18:33] Mental Health And Burnout – We discuss the role of mental health in property management and real estate.

[20:58] Challenges – Cara mentions how she deals with the difficulties she encounters in conducting her work. 


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